Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Pastor Paula White Caught…

paula white
Paula White, a prosperity gospel minister who has often served as a spiritual adviser for President Donald Trump, has regularly drawn criticism from conservative Evangelicals for preaching what they consider to be “heretical” teachings that warp the divine message of the Gospel. White, who opened the National Day of Prayer Event at the White House recently, has drawn criticism from many Christians over the years, including her business in which she sells believers “resurrection seeds” that will grant them eternal life for the low price of just $1,144. I cannot confirm whether or not this is true or not.

Why is Paula White being criticized by those who do not house God’s Spirit? It is because of her position concerning the National Day of Prayer Event and the signing of the symbolic move to protect Christians on the signing of the executive order to protect religious freedom that is way too light in my opinion to be effective for protecting Christians against persecution.

Now, a fifth grader knows that God never called a woman to pastor (teach men), hence Jesus never selecting a female disciple to go into the nations and preach the gospel or even a writer for His Bible that thousands live by today. The woman’s role from a Scriptural perspective has always been helper from beginning with Eve. The spirit of Jezebel has worked very hard to remove this knowledge and those who listen to her will have to deal with God, like each of us at the day judgment when we die.

Don’t fall for the fake outrage about Paula White taking money from the church, its not about her, but about Satan’s move to defile mankind with sexual deviance that pervades our culture and more specifically, an attack on Christians.


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