You Cannot Serve God and Money

Every man is tempted of his own lust and enticed and when that man falls into sin, its practice, gives birth to death. You cannot serve God and Money.

We live in a society where women will take there bodies and use it to pay bills. Men will use their intellect to sell another man something that will destroy his mind in order to pay bills. You have others who will rob stores and even their own family to pay bills. You have females who will allow men to run trains on them to pay bills. You have people who will sell body parts to pay bills. Men and women selling sex hormones to pay bills and no one is asking why do I have to literally sell my soul to survive? You have artist writing songs, twerking, men dressing up like women, to pay bills. All these actions just to get a dollar that you cannot take with you when you die.

Jesus said, the world always worries about how they will survive financially. He mentions they worry about how they will be clothed and fed. He tells the believer to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. He tells the believer to have faith in God. He tells the believer that our currency resides in heaven and we are simply passengers in a dying world. Our affections should be on things above. Root them in heaven. On the mansion he’s preparing. On the future that he has promised for the believer. Hold on to the promised land, which is heaven.

Worry is not for us. It means you are spending too much time listening to Satan and too little time thinking about living righteously. You cannot serve God and Money and this is becoming clearer everyday in America.


One response to “You Cannot Serve God and Money

  1. Good reminder to trust God. We often need these reminders because we so often fall into this trap when we can’t see the way out. I’m so glad is merciful in reminding He is faithful.

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