What Is Your Plan To Stand In The Evil Day?

The television preachers have turned up the temperature on soul draining programs that victimize the users brain with lies and demonic distractions. They are no longer using foxiness to wain watchers asleep, but full propaganda messages to massage unlearned minds and toss them to and fro for any doctrine besides the one that saves their soul from eternal death and hell. These liars and false pretenders are feasting on your minds and dollars, hoping you never discover that your life is fading away. What will you do with the years that you have wasted? What is your response to the time on soulless endeavors?

The Lord is able to restore what time and disobedience has stolen. He is able to give you back what Satan has stripped from your hands. He is able to renew your mind with truth and strengthen your frame with wisdom. God is able to make sure you can stand when all hell is breaking lose and nothing, but demonically filled people surround you like they surrounded Stephen, Paul, Peter and Jesus.

Will you take the hand of the Lord Jesus and walk with him through valley of the shadow of death? Will you pick up your cross daily and follow him? Will you work out your salvation with fear and trembling? Will you challenge those who claim to be believers that are walking in blatant sin? Will you love your neighbor as yourself and love your enemies who despiteful use you?

You will only be able to stand in the evil hour when you know your role as the prisoner of Jesus Christ. If you are a man and you play the role of a woman, then you will miss heaven. If you are a woman and play the role of a man, then you will miss heaven. When Jesus returns for His Bride will she be in the place that he created her to be in? Will he find her faithful and true? If she is caught or found in the hands of another man, she will be shunned forever from the presence of the Lord.

Do not allow the world to move you. The ungodly preachers will continue to preach you continue to ignore and listen ONLY to the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your plan should be to get educated on the Bible and follow its design for your life and do not allow anything to enter your heart that is not based in the Word of God.


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