Starve the BEAST: Fight Discrimination Against Christians

The devil is using a multifaceted approach to the destroy the Christian in America. He is mainly using the Christian’s own lust to destroy him and his family. You must starve the beast. The complaint of job, school, business, and everyday discrimination against Christians is fostered through the belly of the beast, being fat (having wealth) to force Christians to convert or die.

The devil has placed many of his quasi-Christians in key positions to foster the lust and keep the stream of money entering Satan’s kingdom by the millions. Christian prosperity is found in starving the beast and refusing to feed it. Every dollar you spend toward maintaining obesity is feeding the beast. Ever dollar you spend at the movies that promote sexual immorality, sex outside marriage, murder, hatred, and all kinds of lusts, you support the beast. Christians are hemorrhaging and the beast is feeding on our blood, sweat, and tears.

The beast has no limit to its appetite until you are enslaved by your lusts, driven to work countless hours to maintain your drug addiction, your porn addiction, your car addiction, your clothes addiction, your shoes and purse addiction, and furniture addiction, your home improvement addiction, until you having nothing left to give but your life.

Money answers all things. When you spend your money on the beast, you’re  approving his actions. Don’t feed the beast and then complain about demonic agendas set out to destroy Christians. Starve the beast.

A starving beast is a weak beast. If divorce is high or people shacking is high and mega churches are growing, it should tell you that maybe the beast is running that church and not Jesus and when you sow your seed into that church, it is only another stream of income for the beast.

Use your money strategically. Use your money wisely. STARVE THE BEAST!


One response to “Starve the BEAST: Fight Discrimination Against Christians

  1. Use money with the Wisdom.

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