Spiritual Fasting Experience

For many, fasting has become a fad that has morphed into something unbiblical. Today, you have people fasting from everything. Fasting from eating bread, watching television or making your pets fast for you. Now, the animals did fast in Nineveh, but so did the people. Fasting must have an object. In the Scriptures, you find fasting as a response for God’s movement in specific areas.

Fasting for deliverance from destruction or something that is approaching to wipe you out. You fast for God to deliver you from that specific thing that is coming. A husband may fast upon news that his wife’s baby, in the womb, is going to be born with serious medical issues. Parents may fast for God’s deliverance of a wayward child. You may fast for God to position you for a Godly wife or Godly husband. Your fasting should be singular and specific.

God may do multiple things with a single fast, but its been my experience that a single eye in fasting produces Godly results because it alines with what is written in Scriptures and it is what I have seen in my fasting.

Biblical fasting is without food and water. I have seen results in a 24hr fast, but rarely. I have seen results in a 48hr fast, less rarely, but the target fast is 3 days without food & water. I have fasted up to 5 days without food & water, I don’t suggest you do that. I believe 40 day fasts are a waste of time. Jesus and Moses are the only recorded people fasting 40 days. They also did it without food & water. The Biblical pattern of fasting is without food & water.

I am all about specific results from my fast. We serve a God that loves us, so he answers many of our prayers without fasting, but as you grow in Christ or if you come from a line of witches or warlocks, you will need fasting to break some of those heavy duty demons off your life.

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