Excess Spending: A Sign You Are NOT Acknowledging God

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold (Proverbs 22:1). Your name is better than any designers name. Any celebrities name. Your name matters. Take full responsibility for the value of your name. Understand that your name separates you from someone else. It is a designator that says to angels and demons that another one of God’s creation exist. Your name means something.

When you spend money, it is your name attached to the dollars that leave your hand and it is your name that qualifies another. Do you value someone else name more than your own? Michael Kors, Lexus, or Star Bucks. Have you been deceived to believe that your name is less than theirs? Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, John Macarthur, Franklin Graham, TD Jakes, or Steve Harvey.

Who is responsible for your soul and who will God hold accountable if your righteousness falls short of the Pharisees (Matthew 5:20). Who will you blame for your excess in spending? God said, be content with food and raiment. God said, acknowledge him in all of your ways. Did you buy the car after acknowledging God? Did you buy the house after acknowledging God or did you disregard his command and now your sucking wind in debt. Do you value your own name?

That credit card is a tool that you now with reward points can make you money. Do you use it wisely? Do you acknowledge God before doing so? Whose life are you living? A Christian ceases to exist when they meet Jesus. Buried with him, your life is now only lived for his pleasure and gratification. Excess spending is a sign your living in sin. Repent.

Now pick up your cross and follow Jesus again. Now this time acknowledging him in ALL of your ways.


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