Peel Back the Layers And Find Your God!

Many will say on the day of the Lord that they served him. That their lifestyle for all practical purposes lined up with Scripture and that they have a relationship with Jesus and God will say to them I never knew you. You served yourself and did what felt good to you and I allowed it, but I told you within my Word only those who pick up there cross daily and follow me, will find me.

To find out whether or not the God written within the pages of Scripture is your God, you must see where you stray from its text. The Bible records that out of a 1000 women not one can be found righteous, but out of a thousand men there is one. Its easy to see when you look at the survivors of Sodom and Gommorah, Jericho, or Pompeii, out of thousands so few were saved and the first two are given for the believers example on how to live on this earth.

Today, more than ever, women are ruled by their appearance. Particularly, Christian black women will find value in the name of a designer purse and will spend countless hours in work to obtain it and spend little time praying in the name of Jesus. According to statistical data black women spend thousands on their hair, but what does Paul say? Don’t adorn yourself with costly material. I know. You rather do it your way. Just remember. It is your way that will grant you a ticket to hell.

Today, more than ever, men are ruled by the female vagina and do not heed the several warnings of Solomon concerning them. He said, you will mourn when a dart strikes through your liver. The liver functions to detoxify the blood and without its proper function AIDS will destroy you. Disease will cling to your flesh and you will die and enter hell as God promised to the one who disobeys him.

You can attend church faithful, pray for others, and read your Bible, but if you forget what type of person you actually are you will die and God’s angels will escort you to hell. God does not want any of his children to be too invested in this world. We are aliens among evil people who are planning to rid the world of us at  this very moment that I am writing this blog.

One response to “Peel Back the Layers And Find Your God!

  1. What a fantastic post 🙄 I enjoyed it

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