Quick Understanding of Demon Possession

It is important to note that everyone who is born into this world has been shaped by sin. Meaning you come into this world with sin written in your blood. You don’t have to participate in sin, it is already written in your blood. You are born with the curse from the Garden of Eden to die.

Written in your blood that is your life (Leviticus 17:11) is a demonic signature passed on to you from the very first man called Adam. The seed for which Jesus did not receive, because Jesus did not come from man, but by God imputing life into Mary without human male semen and if you know anything about biology the blood of a mother does not mix with the baby. Jesus was of pure God blood.

Now the devil–the commander of the powers in the unseen world. He is the spirit at work in the hearts (blood chamber) of those who refuse to obey God (Ephesians 2:2). We are all born with contaminated blood and written within our cells a desire for sin. It is like a vampire who craves the blood of others, because he or she himself is dead. So death becomes the lustful driving force that has many falling into hurtful things for pleasures sake.

Everyone you pass at work, and in the malls, that cashier, has evil spirits within them. They use their eyes, hands, feet, for their pleasure, mostly unknown by the person because this evil desire is all they have ever known. Remember, every one of us from the beginning is shaped in iniquity and has sin written in our blood.

Now that evil spirit within our blood may only be attacked through a miracle blood transfusion which is completed by Jesus Christ. This transfusion is our deliverance from the control of demons. When a person follows the prescription of believing on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, God grants access to his blood and a supernatural process happens where his blood is added to your blood making you a new creature in Christ Jesus.

The more blood applied the more you will become like Jesus. Ask Jesus for a full transfusion of his blood into your body right now in  Jesus name. Demons do not like the blood because it tampers with their ability to control you. In any transfusion that takes place there is still your original blood in the system where evil spirits hide. They become paralyzed as you feed on the Word of God. The moment you stop feeding on God’s word the evil spiritual demonic cells will go through mitosis (multiply) and take over your system again and you will be led by your flesh (bad blood) instead of the Spirit of God and you will die an eternal death if you refuse to repent and be led by the Spirit of God.

“But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed, they will die (Ezekiel 18:24).

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