Surrogates – The New Age Shopper

J.C. Penney’s store closures (130-140) will affect up to 6,000 employees nationwide. As consumers move more and more to the internet for purchases and less and less to the malls other than to walk around and look at people and lights more stores will soon follow. There are many malls around the US that are empty having few stores inside on its last leg. J.C. Penney’s is among friends Macy’s, Radio Shack, Sears, Target, Wet Seal, Office Depot, and Barnes & Noble are also closing stores.

We are moving into a time of surrogates where society will live inside the computer like in the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates. Never leaving their homes, but operating a surrogate from their chair as they whither away and die without any actual physical interaction or touch. This is where we are headed and for many we are already here. People carrying year long relationships with people over the internet they have never even met in person.

It is time to prepare yourself for the shifting economy and always set aside for the winter. Jesus told us to pray that our flight would not have to be in the winter. We know that the winter is a metaphor for being cold, harsh, and only adds to the difficulty of life. Make wise decisions with your income and do not waist it. Always ask God for what you should do next and wait on his promise. He said, he would never leave or forsake and would provide for your needs.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and strength.

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