Interracial couple fined for not removing graffiti slur


As some minorities are fearful of President-elect Donald Trump taking office and many celebrating the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther KingJr. on Monday, a city couple said their rights were “violated” this weekend. A couple found a racial slur spray painted Saturday morning on the garage door outside their Bull’s Head home.

The residence is home to a black man and his white wife in the generally white, middle-class neighborhood. “It is disgusting and it is something we have under investigation,” Assistant Police Chief Tom Wuennemann said.

Police responded to the High Clear Drive home about 8:30 a.m. Saturday when resident Lexene Charles discovered the n-word painted on the white garage door. “I cannot believe it. At this time, someone could write this? Those times were supposed to be way back in the ‘60s and I was born in ‘61,” Charles said. “It’s 2017, and on Martin Luther King Day. And with President Obama, the first black president. It’s ridiculous for those things to keep going on.”

Charles, 56, has lived in the home since 1999 with his wife, Heather Lindsay, 59. Lindsay said she has lived in the home, which once belonged to her uncle, since 1990.

Homeowner Heather Lindsay, who is white, said she won’t remove the racial slur from her garage door until authorities “do their job” and “not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past.

Lindsay says their home has been vandalized multiple times. She says Stamford authorities have failed to properly investigate and she won’t remove the slur until they do.

The city issued a blight citation, which carries a $100 daily fine.

NAACP representatives on Monday called for a full investigation, including canvassing the neighborhood and posting a patrol car to make sure the couple is safe.

The city’s director of public safety says an investigation is underway.

Under the system of white supremacy this will continue to happen. It is interwoven in all areas of life the Christian church promoting the white Jesus, instead of love and worshipping God in spirit and in truth, the television programming (fake news), and fake internet meme’s that promote false allegations of black people in general. False rape and murders statistics being promoted and the silence from white Christians about these issues.

It is time to break out of silence and usher in the gospel of Jesus Christ defined in the Bible or throw your Bible away and show us the book you actually subscribe to and follow.



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