Overdose cases spike in Louisville: 52 calls in 32 hours

heroinAnother week, another cluster of overdoses.
This time it happened in Louisville, Kentucky, where Louisville Metro Emergency Services responded to 52 overdose calls between midnight Wednesday and 8 a.m. ET Friday, said agency spokesman Mitchell Burmeister.
That was a big jump over the 25 overdose calls received in the same 32-hour time frame last week.
A breakdown of overdose causes was not available, but Burmeister said most of those calls were heroin overdoses. Paramedics also dealt with overdoses of alcohol, prescription medications and other controlled substances.
No overdose deaths were reported, but Burmeister said one person who’d been using heroin died while riding in a car that crashed. The driver also was using heroin, they said. Read more
What is God saying? Turn to me and I will heal you. Turn all the way around and cry out to the Lord for your salvation and he will hear and save. If you have been raised by drug addicted parents and your life on earth has been horrible, I have an answer for you. Its Jesus. Jesus will remove the darkness and replace every part of you with light. Call upon the Lord Jesus in truth and he will send a deliverer and pull you out of your mess and set your feet upon higher ground. Will you call upon Jesus or will you continue in sin? God is asking the question. Who will you like to serve? Drugs is the worlds answer for almost everything. Drugs and alcohol is the prescription for pain, but there is another prescription that also has the power to boost your endorphins and raise your dopamine and his name is Jesus.
Join Jesus! Call upon the name of Jesus. Jesus has already set many free. Join the line of freedom today. Call him right now.

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