How White Christians Are Harming Christianity?


CBS Poll: 66% of Democrats Consider Christianity as Violent as Islam and this number in my opinion will only grow. Among Republicans the numbers would also be shocking, but why? Why are Christians considered violent? It is because for far too long the title Christianity =’s white. White Christians love making meme’s about the white Jesus behind President Trump and they parade this white figure around as the face of Christianity and now it is sticking in the eyes of the world that Christianity is white.

What does that mean for Christianity to be white? It means there is no room for nonwhites to participate and it also means that God is behind white supremacy. If God is behind white supremacy and Christianity is white and white’s dominant the planet because of military force, it makes sense that Christianity is as violent or even more violent than Islam. Islam or Muslims has now come to mean black.

So the poor underdog is only responding to the hatred and slaughter that they are receiving. In the eyes of the masses there is a growing number of people who equate Muslim =’s Black and Christianity =’s White and unfortunately this is Satan’s lie.

Christianity is not white nor is it black. Christianity is about worshipping God in the Spirit. If white Christians keep pushing Christianity as something white, with these white Jesus pictures that have no Scriptural root, God will judge them for misrepresenting his Son.

Almost all of Jesus disciples died by martyrdom. Jesus our master died the same way. If we live by this example then we are indeed Christians and all others are liars. Just because someone gets behind the passion of the Christ and represents Christianity as white does not make it true. The Bible speaks for itself and let everyone else be liars. Hold on to your false idol Jesus and God will see to it that you fall as other nations that did take his warning seriously.

Let’s put away all lies and start telling the truth. Christianity stands on its own. It has absolutely no color. It is the Bible who tells the Christian to worship God in spirit and in truth. If you see anyone doing something contrary to the Scriptures, you must understand that they may say they are Christians, but I assure you God does not know them.

Ask them when is the last time they cast out demons like Jesus? If they can’t you now know why. Wolves in sheeps clothing.


7 responses to “How White Christians Are Harming Christianity?

  1. I’m white, I’m anointed, and I cast out demons. Not sure where you got your thoughts, but Jesus is Jewish. He is not white, and He loves all people.

  2. I disagree vehemently that Christianity is seen as white.
    I would agree that many of the right wing conservatives call themselves Christian.
    And that is far from being the same thing.

    If you look at Christian memes. They come from Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple… 😉 you get the gist.
    Christianity is quite varied.

    Now when one sees conservatives toting the flag and speaking of Jesus, it is because though it is not politically correct to say so, the fact remains that America was founded and this is seen as a Christian Nation.
    One of immigrants. 😁

    • Type Christianity in google and click images and tell me who you see. Your disagreement is clearly based on ignorance. I have traveled to many churches in America and abroad and the white image of Jesus pops up in Africa, Trinidad, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and I could go on, however you should get the point by also typing in google God and click images. Thank you for your comment.

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  4. I really think you are on a misguided path. It sounds like you want to make Christianity a race issue when it is not. Christ is God. Has anyone seen God’s face? He came here in the form of humanity, birthed by a Jewish virgin . If you really want to know what Jesus looks like read the first chapter of the book of revelation. Why do you want to interject race as an issue, since he died for all and gladly receives anyone of any color or background

    • Type Christianity in google and click images and tell me what you see. Also type God in google and click images and tell me what you see. Also type Jesus in google and click images. Tell me, if the images that you see may be found within the Bible. If you think white supremacy has glossed over the Christian church in America and abroad then either you are purposely being disingenuous or you have been isolated. I will tell you from traveling the US and going to many churches and abroad. People see Christianity as white. It is obvious that Christianity founded by Jesus described in the Scriptures is not white, but in order for Christianity to have a real impact its image must be changed to love. That is what I should see when typing Christianity in google. People loving one another.

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