The Reason For Population Tailoring

For those who are addicted to watching science fiction movies, you will notice a theme that is being preached with every message of television programming and that is the need for population control. The population is growing rapidly, particularly among non white personnel and it is rushing toward 8 Billion people on the earth. The threat of limited resources, global warming, and uncontrollable   waste filling the globe is becoming detrimental for life on earth. The only reasonable action to save humanity is to limit the population with a disease and that is the plot of the latest blockbuster movies.

Where does this logic come from and who is behind the story lines? His name is Lucifer or you may call him Satan, he has many names. The men and women preachers (blockbuster movie makers) have been deceived by him. He has told them some truth mixed with a lie. The truth is that God will destroy mankind on earth. He will wipe out the remaining sinners after his waves of destruction with his coming. Mankind will face annihilation and that is true. The lie is that mankind has the resources, the intellect, the ability, to stop God using force. Making God an enemy is your demise.

God has shared with the world, the plan of escape, and that way is only found through his Son Jesus. Sin will be the death of mankind. Any means that God uses to destroy mankind will only be peripheral. The root is sin. Sinners kill fathers, mothers, children, and wild life for sport. Sinners judge wickedly and allow other sinners to take charge and rule over other sinners. When sinners are in charge the people mourn. Families are destroyed by sinners. Godless people doing wickedly will be the demise of men, women, and children. Sadly, the animals will be punished as well. Sin is mans problem. The population has nothing to do with it. God can easily make another planet with the same conditions as this one or change our physiology to live in any condition.

The answer is repentance and God will get the glory for destroying mankind. It will not be Satan, although he will aid the death of many in hell, God is the destroyer that everyone should fear, as he can kill the body and cast your soul in hell. He alone has that authority. Fear God and keep his commandments and live. God will be behind the demise of mankind. It will not be global warming, aliens, or asteroids. It will be God. He promised to destroy mankind and it is prophesied in the book of Revelation and he reveals the steps and actions that will be taken when he begins.


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