Dirty diaper masturbator terrorist burns First Baptist Church and American flag

sexual immorality
Flag burning, church burning, child porn, dirty diaper masturbation, stabbings and a courtroom explosion — there are no words.

A Lebanon, N.H., man hunted for days by police for various crimes was finally arrested on New Year’s Day. Since then, the disturbing details of his criminal spree have come to light by his own admission.

Anthony Boisvert, 27, a married man, now faces charges of assault, arson, possession of child pornography and tampering with witnesses. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Boisvert reportedly confessed to police that on Dec. 28, he masturbated into a dirty diaper he found at the rectory of the First Baptist Church while watching child porn and young girls doing gymnastics.

He said he burned an American flag, caused the church to burn as well, and watched for a while before heading to his sister’s house. Two other buildings were also set on fire.

Here is another story of the depravity of man. When left to his own devices he is evil to the core. It is the unrighteous judgment that allows these stories to repeat again and again and again and again. When pornography runs free on Facebook and Twitter with young children on the social media, as well, posting sexual snapchat photos, you have to ask yourself how far does one have to go before some real actions are going to be taken.

The believer in this hour has much to pray about and many reasons to arm your children with the mind of Christ. This man was taking sexual pleasure watching little girls do gymnastics. As a parent in this hour you had better ask the Lord Jesus what things/activities you want your children exposed to.

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