Letting Your Light Shine

It is important that believers around the world use every opportunity and platform to share the wisdom of God with the world. You are being force fed debauchery and every sexual deviant image that Satan can conjure in the minds of his servants and God has called the Christian to contend for the faith.

You should take an active role in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and expose the darkness within the world and give them directions to head toward the light. You may have noticed some sad stories on this blog that may make you cringe or you may want to stop reading, but this is our world. The one that Jesus left behind for you to shine in.

If Satan is using social media and polluting the platforms with filth, then we should use social media to flood the internet waves with light. Use your resources and your relationship with Jesus and share what things God has done for you. Don’t hide in this fight, but pray and use social media to shine light on all the darkness.

You are here for a reason and that reason as a Christian is to produce good fruit or God cannot say to you, well done thou good a faithful servant. The man who hid his talent God rebuked, gave it to the man with ten talents and cast that man into the fire. Work out your salvation with fear and tremble and produce good fruit daily.

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