The End of Evolution and Its Propaganda

We are turning the leaf and evolution will not go with us. Spirituality is taking higher ground and we are moving to the progression of the supernatural. What new deception will Satan use? How will he take the movement of yogi, homeopathic remedies, mystics, and magicians. Dr. Strange challenges the traditional belief of the limitations of science and explores something deeper.

Belief in humans coming from monkeys is archaic and almost at this stage laughable. Like the belief in the earth being flat. We have moved past this. Even the President of the United States understands this movement and the deplorable prophecies of global warming. Christians already know that God is going to get the glory for destroying the inhabitants of the earth and him alone. He will not share his return to become of King Jesus with anyone. He will show himself to be God alone.

The public school education system is being challenged by private schools and homeschoolers who are educating their children on the truth of the world around them. It is time for prayer to be reintroduced and the notion that God created mankind and wants them to prosper under his leadership. It is time to kick Satan’s programs out and move in family prosperity.

Time for Christians families to pray that God change the clock and infiltrate a holiness that will protect children from a hostile school environment. From the fear of being killed or bullied at school. When a child knows that God created them it changes the landscape for how they should behave among other people who have also been created in the image of God.


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