Give Thanks To God For All Things

The Lord loves to see his children give him thanks. Always keeping in proper perspective the things that God has planned for those who love him. You know as  Christians it is God’s will to bless you and give you a mansion in heaven. He loves to see his children do well. You prove your belief in his will for your life when calamity hits and you still give thanks. This does not mean we do not pray when we have sorrow for help, but before we accuse God, it is always best to give thanks first.

The devil hates to see you go through something and your first response is to give thanks. I recently broke my left side mirror on my car, pulling out the garage and immediately gave God thanks for all the other wonderful blessings God has given me. I then asked my Father for another mirror that I had broken. I was delighted to find a new one on Amazon for $35 dollars that was paid for by rewards on my discover card. Came in the second day from ordering and I installed it and again I give God thanks.

Thank the Lord everyday and never hesitate to ask your Heavenly Father for what you need. This may be a small thing, but this adds up in strengthening your relationship with Jesus. After all we are all headed to the grave and a relationship with him on earth is the only way to have access with him in heaven.

All things are possible to those who believe.

2 responses to “Give Thanks To God For All Things

  1. What a great reminder of such a basic thing, thanks!

  2. I enjoyed reading this wonderful and truthful blog today about giving thanks to God. We all do need to thank God for being such a kind and merciful God. Thank you for sharing this article Peace and be blessed.

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