Protecting Your Heart

guard your heart
In 2017, the assault upon your heart will be intense. You will have to defend your heart from the daily agenda of Satan to get you off of the focus of Jesus Christ and on to the focus of living for yourself. Living for your dream. Living for someone else’s dream. When you should be living for Jesus Christ.

Playing with Satan’s toys will cost your family and your soul. Right now every television show has a clear demonic agenda to push sexual immorality of all kinds. We have fed on adultery and fornication, while we watch married people kiss people who they are not married to and many think this is ok. We have seen the So you think you can dance turn pedophile with grown men dancing with girls. Incest is taking center stage and men are calling progressive thinking hip.

It is all demonic and Lucifer is on television doing the twerk and every other sensual dance known to man. Women are losing their natural affection for their children and husbands and running after other women or careers, while babies at home cry. Some women have taken to the abortion mills to remove their children before they can see daylight. Murdering children and parents being murdered by their children is something you can easily find in the news.

Death is becoming common place along with fear. You see the hashtags for prayer, but is anyone praying? Has prayer become a figure of speech? Where is God’s power?

Do not be taken by surprise. Feed on God’s word and daily read the Scriptures. Fill up each day on the wisdom that God gives. Please prepare your heart and guard it. Jesus is coming, but before he does it is going to get really bad and you will not be able to stand without being fully committed to his way.


2 responses to “Protecting Your Heart

  1. Not to mention the LGBT mandate to educate–in school–young children in the “choice” of an alternative lifestyle. Not to mention “churches” in America not just turning a blind eye to, but allowing homosexual conduct by its pastors and ministers. Sadly it’s merely the tip of the iceberg; and like the unsinkable Titanic, nations who who say “peace and safety” are about to strike that iceberg. Many are deceived. Many are being led astray. Let the Righteous speak out in G-d’s strength, in His courage.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

  2. Amen! What you feed grows and what you starve dies. The Palmist wrote, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.” We would do well to follow that example. Thanks, AL

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