One Way =’s Truth

It is common sense that different answers to why men exist and their purpose cannot all be right. There is only one answer that is right and all the others are simply wrong. Prophecies were made that Hillary would win and other prophecies that the world would end. We have prophecies of global flooding and imaginations of an asteroid destroying all life on earth. These prophecies have come and gone and some have been renewed. Do you remember Y2K or 2012 Mayan prophecy? What about the statements on blacks having lowering IQ’s and yet a black men succeeds first name Ben Carson is separating twins. All while fighting against a system that would rather see him imprisoned. You seen the nasty tweets about him.

The world is full of con artist, tricksters, and flat out liars. Some do it ignorantly, others maliciously and yet others like many global warming researchers simply do it for money. Much of the con jobs are done for the purposes of making money. That is why God said, you could not serve him and money.

So why do humans exist and what is their purpose. Its simplicity baffles Richard Dawkins, but this should not come to any surprise, for God has used the foolish things to confound the wise. The answer is simple. God created humans for the express purpose of those same humans giving him worship. It pleases God to see his creation glorify him. The only way to glorify him is through His Son Jesus. Jesus is the door that gives access to all of heavens best.

Repent of sin and give your entire life to Jesus and he will make sure that your existence will be defined by love, peace, and joy.

2 responses to “One Way =’s Truth

  1. All I say is we thank him for his birth,, even that was a little controversial.. Have a good one Trish..

    • Indeed. Without the birth of Jesus we would not have his death (sacrifice) without his death there is no remission of sin and without the remission of sin, we are all damned to hell. But glory be to God who gave us a spotless lamb to save our souls. We should always as Jesus has said, remember his death upon the cross. Why? Because that is what he told us to remember. When you take the cup and eat the bread you do always remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the ritual that God specifically has told us to remember. Thank you for your comment.

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