Demonology Made Weird

Do you have demonic behavior in your life? No! I am Christian! Great! That means that sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery, idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness and orgies are not in your life. This is really good. Because the Bible says that if these things are you will NOT see heaven. Serious stuff here. This is also basic. Let’s go deeper.

A Few popular Demons for this area:

  1. Spirit of lust – the spirit behind most female selfies. Breast and booty shots along with the men. It works well with the spirit of rejection. Primarily those with multiple selfie photos. It’s not because these people think they look that good its the evil spirit diminishing their worth because they have not found their identity in Christ.
  2. Evil spirit Python – constricts your ability to receive better works. It block the words of Jesus from germinating in your heart. – people who have fits of rage, drunkeness, and drugs. They are caught in a cycle and can’t move. This spirit has a high kill rate. Its victims never even see him, until God casts them into hell.
  3.  Spirit of rejection – is behind hatred and not forgiving others so then God is unable to forgive you. This one is sometimes behind suicide, but I find the actions of withcraft and idolatry are the fuel for that.

Do you have demonic behavior in your life? No! I am Christian! Great! That means you mediate on God’s law both day and night; you delight yourself in his precepts and his commands don’t grieve you and you love your enemies. Paul, makes a declaration that he had not attained perfection, so it is my assumption that I don’t have to go deeper than this to touch almost everyone. There is another two levels. Now what demons live here. Some powerful ones. I will name a few and you can call these demons out of yourself or have someone else do it.

  1. Spirit of limitation – mission to distract you from growing in Jesus, finances, and Christian relationships. – Does this by distracting Bible reading.
  2. Gargoyle – real demon that rides your back – gives you physical back problems – whispers in your ear to be petty or to start fights and his accomplice is the Globin who stirs relational fear or fear with the objective of ruining relationships.
  3. Apollyon – brings in outside attacks with the mission to destroy you. He will cause you to hate your enemies. He’s a destroyer a powerful one. Not the most powerful because we are only speaking about demons and not fallen angels.

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