A New Dimension

Jesus way
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father (John 14:12). In order to do greater works one must entertain the Lord. Your affections must be on things above the natural realm. God is omnipresent in knowledge and conscious, but his seat and throne is in heaven. In heaven the four and living creatures are before him crying Holy, Holy, Holy.

The new dimension is not new in the sense that God has changed, but new in the sense that if you have no spiritual power/gift that you are currently using to edify others then entering into a new gift will be for you a new dimension. How does one find out what God will do through you? It is through action. For example, if God is granting you the gift to heal, you must stir it up. Do this now. Take your hand and place it on a family member who may be in pain or sick in the hospital and ask for the fire of the Lord to heal them in Jesus name. Does your hand get hot? If it gets oddly hot, then you’re at the preliminary stages of the gift of healing. You cannot stop there, but continue to pray until that person is restored.   When God is using you in this manner, understand demons and fallen angels are working diligently to prevent the manifestation of healing, so you’re continued prayer isn’t an issue of faith, but an issue of perseverance. God wants us to be intimately connected with his work. You may recall from Exodus 17 that when Moses hands were held up, Israel prevailed, but when they lowered they were overtaken. His hands needed to remain up, until the battle was completely won.

This next one should only be done on people who profess Christ, but still have issues in certain areas. It will work on non-believers as you the gift address the evil spirit, but you will make a non-believer worse as Satan will make sure that once you leave their presence, he binds them tighter than they were previously bound. He can bind them so tight, they go spiritually blind. You may be granted the gift to call out evil spirits. Most cigarette smokers have a generational demon that flows to their arms and helps them pack cigarettes, it gives the hand a tingle feeling as well. Most often, when its about to be cast out. If you know someone who desires to quit and may have tried using the patch with failed results and is willing to try anything to quit (people who have prayed the sinners prayer). Ask them, if you can pray over them (they should immediately say yes, otherwise when they said the sinners prayer, they were playing games with God and await God’s judgment, leave them alone after such discovery). Look them in the eye and say “You evil spirit of infirmity and limitation, detach yourself, in Jesus name and come out of them and enter the pit in Jesus name. You may have to ask God to increase the temperature if you do not see any physical manifestations, because when casting out demons, there is always physical manifestations.

Will speak on other gifts in another blog post. If nothing happens when you try these things, it could mean one of two thing. Your level of obedience is to low for God to release it or its not the gift God desires for you to have.

All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, who apportions them to each one as He determines (1 Corinthians 12:11). This means that God gives his gifts in certain numbers and certain people as his discretion and not simply because you desire it. It is so that we as the body of Christ can function as a body. Some are the eye and another may be the hand etc.

Isn’t God so awesome. Amen.


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