Running Is Futile When The God of Heaven and Earth Created War

There are some Christians who think they can hide from war. You will find them abusing the verse that mentions that our thoughts should be on things above and not below or if it brings joy think on these things. They miss the verses where God commanded Israel to destroy the ungodly (men, women, children & animals). They ignore the fact that society has always had armies for the specific purpose of killing, destroying, and harming people. They do not carry weapons of mass destruction for sport, but use them to destroy people. Abortion mills are weapons of mass destruction that’s sole purpose is to destroy children. The drug mills and porn shops are designed by Satan to destroy peoples careers, blood cells, life, and brain cells. Life is filled full of war and death. The idea of dismissing your Christian responsibility by denial will be judged by God.

The master took the one talent given to a man who hid it because he was afraid. God is not going to allow your fear to be used as an excuse. He will judge you nevertheless because he knows that if you had his Spirit, fear isn’t an option. His Spirit within the human body causes boldness.

Don’t run from news stories and hide in cowardice. Stop sinning and obey God’s command to pray for our leaders. Hiding your face reveals a lack of your faith in God. If you serve the God who hung the stars and controls the winds and wave, then use his power to change the world. Use prayer, use your written word, use every tool God has given you for the accomplishment of pushing righteousness forward. Joy always follows righteousness and light. Depression follows cowardice.

P.S. What do you think the purpose of this picture is?



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