Fallen Angel Presidential Pick II

You may have read my first post concerning the presidential election (Fallen Angel Presidential Pick) and you can see how things are lining up. I wrote another post concerning race and serving God (Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God) and this should have been food for thought.

If you have not read Fallen Angel Presidential Pick and Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God this post may make little sense without the background. Some take aways are Satan’s number one choice is Hillary. You should catch glimpses of this by her associations. The music industry. All Christians at this point should understand that secular music ministers have been preaching the gospel of sex outside marriage, drugs, depression, death, and suicide for years. This alignment with this industry should speak volumes. The alignment with the media in general. The American citizen killings by cops without a trial and the coverups.

The good news is that whomever God chooses based upon the democratic process of the majorities heart, it will not limit the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells the believer. You will still have more power within, then the enemy that is without, if you have the Holy Spirit. If you are reading this and have doubt, your lack of faith cannot please God and you do not have the Holy Spirit. Repent of your sin right now and ask Jesus to forgive you and give you the Comforter and when you wait and feel the peace of God come, you have received the Holy Spirit and now you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling as Satan and his followers will seek out your annihilation.

You should also tag those individuals who have given false prophecies about the president of United States and the end of the world. The Bible is clear that not even angels know of his coming. So those witches and warlocks that speak to fallen angels and demons are being told lies about the end of the world. Those false dreamers that hear from demons in their sleep you should now identify. Some of these dreamers claim to be Christians and speak about Jesus, so don’t let that deceive you. False prophecies and dreams come from demons. *This does not automatically mean that person is unsaved, as Christians, we grow in knowledge and maturity. If this person shows no growth, I would stop listening to them.

Now what is my response as a believer in Jesus Christ? Like the 12 spies that spied out the land in the Old Testament, I give my report to Moses. God will decide based on the majority who will win the election. In Moses day the Israelites won the vote and died in the wilderness. They listened to the ten, instead of the two filled with faith in God, but God kept the two for the promise land and the ten perished with the other Israelites.

As Holy Spirit filled individuals keep voting righteousness because in the end God will keep you. Ten thousands may fall at your side, but God’s righteous hand will keep you. This is why it is so important to know God because then you already know this. His Spirit has spoke to you already. Be still and know that I AM the ALMIGHTY GOD who heals all of our sickness and restores what the palmer worm (sinful men) has destroyed.


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