Adding Glue To Cracks In The Christian Church

It becomes important that Christians do not fall into the trap of attacking other Christian administrations. Even if the pastor is preaching to add affliction to real  Christians. If they are preaching that Jesus is the way that leads to eternal life it is Paul’s recommendation that we rejoice that Christ is being preached.

Yes! We contend for the faith and the true gospel disclosed upon in the Bible, but it is critical in this hour to run a successful campaign against the devil we must have the masses of Christians focused on the biggest picture. The style a pastor uses to preach against sin, may not be my own, but it is counterproductive attacking him, when my full blown enemy is kissing me.

The devil is waging war on a massive campaign to break the family vertebrae and paralyze the family of God. He is placing so much stress on the back of Christian families and too many Christians are taking the coward route because they have failed to prepare their heart for the prophecy that we will be overcome, according to the book of Revelation.

Those who are Christians in the last day will not have the luxury of a so-called American dream, but will suffer persecution unto the death and you should have your house in order.

Some Christians believe they can love their way to the hearts of evil men, when Jesus failed, Peter failed, Stephen failed, Paul failed and the list goes on. Jesus the epitome of love was crucified along with some of his most faithfully empowered followers. Paul loved and they killed him. Martin Luther King Jr was preaching togetherness and love and he was murdered. Evil men don’t care about your love and they never will.

Let’s not forget that the way that leads to destruction is broad and MANY are taking that path. Understand this: Those who are lead by the flesh are led by Satan and may be used by him to kill you at the time God lowers your hedge.

Don’t waste time attacking preachers who speak about Jesus, but rather spend time exposing those who lifestyles are clearly destroyed by Satan and highlight the answer (Jesus).


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