What is the Devil After?

Since the very beginning in the Garden of Eden the mission of the devil has been the same. To convince mankind that they are gods and don’t need a Savior. They are the architects of their destiny and determine their future apart from God. His lie has remained successful from the very beginning with few receiving salvation and the vast majority giving up their souls for temporary pleasure.

No one on earth is without excuse and God simple wants his children to live quiet lives for him. Contend for the faith, but don’t expect the ungodly to change just because you pray or flood them with love. The majority of the things God desires his children to perform will benefit the one performing them. You will spend eternity in heaven. God will hear your prayers when you cry out to him. You will see, hear, and perform impossible feats that few will ever be aware of. Your rewards on earth are only a fraction of the things that God has in store for those who love him.

Once you apply the title Christian to your life, you must get ready for every type of temptation to be thrown your way. Especially, if the Lord is blessing you with financial increase. Satan will use whatever he can to destroy your testimony, cause you to commit suicide, despair life, and doubt Gods love. You must stay the course by determining in your heart that you will not cease to feed on God’s law and always repent and pray. Never letting go of the basics of fasting and praying that God would send his ministering angels to deliver and set you free from the hand of Satan’s children.

When Satan’s children attack you and slander you, always remember they did the same to Jesus and the disciples and prophets. Joseph was accused of rape and sent to prison, Jesus accused of blasphemy and riots, Paul accussed of rioting and creating disturbances in the community. Daniel accused of sinning against the King and thrown into the lions den. There is a plethora of stories of men and women who died for believing in a fake Jesus with no power. No they died because Satan filled the hearts of their enemies and desired to kill the gospel.

Keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and never forget your rewards are like bonds that when mature produce a far greater reward on the back end then what it cost to purchase them in the beginning.


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