Freedom From Bizarre Addictions/Fetishes

Recently, I was watching some episodes of a 1000 ways to die, a show I think everyone should watch, and came upon multiple cases of people dying from activities driven by OCD, Eating Dirt, Tying People Up, etc. My heart broke to see these people dying this way and I inquired. I was told that this is a mocking demon. It works through anxiety and anxiousness. Its purpose is to mock God by having his beings created in his image do bizarre things. Demons love to mock humans in general, especially those ignorant enough to believe that humans are the only intelligent beings on the planet.

If you are reading this and this is your plight. You know you get anxious and have to do something you know is abnormal this is for you. Now, understand your demon does not want to leave, so his evil friend doubt will either already be working in your life or he will soon appear on the scene. Regardless, doubt, anxiety, your strange addiction can all go into the pit today. You have to want to be free and you should believe. Sometimes just reading a prayer can deliver you regardless of your faith. Keep reading.

Heavenly Father, bind the strong man inside of me in the name of Jesus. Now levy an assault on every other demon within. Send them in droves to the pit. In Jesus name. Deliver me from the chain connecting me to this mocking demon and break its power over me. May where I dwell be consumed by Holy Fire. In Jesus name. Light me on Fire in Jesus name. Now cast the strong man into the pit. In Jesus name. All of your attachments and links are now severed and the clock on the wall has stopped. Your time inside me is now over in Jesus name. I have been set free.

Now take your will and command your flesh to obey God. Fill your heart with the Bible. Start with the book of Mark and watch how Jesus is casting demons out left and right. Setting people free and blessing his creatures with new life.

Now Go and be about the Heavenly Father’s business. In Jesus name.


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