Christian mom gives awkward — but sincere — advice for when your daughter brings home a black man

interracial relationship
Americans generally don’t like to talk about racial relations — and with good reason.

Having open discussions about racial biases is incredibly uncomfortable and often involves acknowledging your own prejudices. That’s why it’s interesting to read Christian mother Gaye Clark’s awkward — but nonetheless very heartfelt and genuine — advice to Christian parents who would feel uncomfortable if their child decided to marry someone of a different race or ethnic background.

Writing over at The Gospel Coalition, explains how she felt when her own daughter brought home a black man who would eventually become her husband.

“All ethnicities are made in the image of God, have one ancestor, and can trace their roots to the same parents, Adam and Eve,” she explains. “As you pray for your daughter to choose well, pray for your eyes to see clearly, too. Glenn moved from being a black man to beloved son when I saw his true identity as an image bearer of God, a brother in Christ, and a fellow heir to God’s promises.”

Now, there’s clearly some uncomfortable subtext here — after all, should it really take learning that this man was a Christian for you to see him as something more than “a black man?”

All the same, recognizing prejudice is the first step to overcoming it, which is what Clark is doing here. Click here to read more.

The story of Adam and Eve and the command to love God and your neighbor as yourself is one of the first things you learn in the Bible, the problem is found that the Bible is seldom the standard of living, but the largest religion in America is white supremacy. It is very rare to see Christianity played out like it was in the book of Acts. Although, there was a similar division among Jews & Gentiles.

There is real power in unifying under the umbrella of Jesus Christ. It creates an atmosphere for supernatural blessings to fall. God is most pleased when his creation obeys his word and not their feelings. Obeys his word and not some wicked man. Obeys his word and follows him, even when others are so filled with hate.

Set your eyes on Jesus, read, believe and execute what is found in the Word.


3 responses to “Christian mom gives awkward — but sincere — advice for when your daughter brings home a black man

  1. What happens when a black man brings home a white woman to be his wife? I hope we can all begin to see and be as Galatians 3:23-29, for in Christ we are all one royal race endowed with all the heavenly spiritual blessing, no partiality, no distinction, all seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians ch 1-2), all co-heirs with Christ, all children of our Heavenly Father who is beyond external distinctions. He looks at the heart, not the outside of a person. Thank God! God bless you! ~Yvonne

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