Keep Your Sexual Organs To Yourself Until The Right Time

interracial marriage
If you are going to prosper in love, joy, and peace. You must first learn how to keep your sexual organs to yourself until the right time. The Bible has clearly given the believer in Jesus the prosperity prescription called marriage. Marriage is a superior institution for raising children in the admonition of the Lord to become heaven dwellers and destroyers of many Satanic strongholds. When a man takes his rightful place as leader and his anointed wife filled with the Holy Spirit takes hers, it becomes a fortress for their children and a three-fold cord not easily broken.

The prayers from these unions are devastating to the kingdom of darkness. When the man and his wife come together before the Lord Jesus and God shows up and the power of the Holy Spirit and his angels fill the room and the atmosphere changes; miracles begin to happen.

A Christian marriage between a man and woman is Satan’s kryptonite. He knows that this union produces powerful soldiers for Jesus Christ. Soldiers that have been bathed in prayer and fire. Soldiers who know the Bible better than any school book. Soldiers who have built a tremendous amount of faith in God and they are not easily swayed by devils, demonically filled people, witches, warlocks, whatever hell has and will trample under foot anything that does not taste like Jesus.

These soldiers hear the cry of those imprisoned, forced into poverty because of fraud. They love even when hated on.

Your sexual organs are powerful tools in the hands of a Christian marriage. Use your tools at the right time and use them skillfully.


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