Don’t Regress


When the media is full of bad news and blacks are continually assaulted and battered and no amount of prayers and complaints or calling out the white christian for help, when clearly the black christian has a different experience, even though we both, are so-called, calling on the same God there is a tendency to regress or even throw Jesus out the window and become something God has not called you to become.

God is going to judge everyone by the same standard and that standard is found within the Bible that he left us all to read and obey. God is not going to accept excuses about how hard it is to serve him or excuses about what other people seem to be getting away with. No one is going to get past the judgment after one closes his eyes for the final hour in death. Everyone is going to the judgment.

As a Christian you want to maintain your love of God and love of people. Your enemies that work hard for Satan to lie on you, steal from you, cheat you, and even kill you will meet God and spend eternity in hell. You will get justice. Keep your eyes on Jesus and love God. Don’t regress. Keep your eyes on Jesus and love God. God knows everyones heart and it will be revealed in the last day and he will reward the faithful.

Those who prosper in this world through deceit will not prosper in death. You will have vindication and justice. Keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t regress. Spend your strength and your passion on worshipping the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Worship him everyday of your life. Keep your eyes on the King.

God will not fail you and his presence gives you peace when your mind has been steadfastly on him. Don’t watch others or become jealous. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

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