Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God?

In light of the recent events that have unfolded within the war on black people in America and the responses of white pastors in general it would appear that we do not serve the same God. The evidence is showing that many white pastors serve the god of white supremacy. If you look at the responses of white pastors around the stories of Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, and Charles Kinsey, you do not see compassion. Now even if they are your enemies, doesn’t the Bible teach us to love our enemies? Now as a pastor you should epitomize the Bible as a leader of the church, otherwise why are you leading?

When you look at Franklin Graham a leader within the White Christian church going around America calling for prayer and standing firm on the Bible concerning homosexuality and the only one I have seen with such public influence and boldness, but when it comes to black people he is silent and supports white supremacy.


This makes me wonder what God is he serving if his god only cares about people that look like him? The evidence is showing something sinister.


The Bible records that true worshippers would worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Don’t be fooled by Satan. When there is no evidence of compassion then what you have is not the gospel of Jesus Christ, but white supremacy. White supremacy is not a just system, but an unjust system that hates nonwhite people.  Is it surprising if white supremacist have infiltrated the military and police force, is it any wonder they would infiltrate the church?


8 responses to “Do Black and White Christians Serve the Same God?

  1. BLM does not have a concrete plan for dealing with the issues in the community that are the core problem, and the moment they incite hatred towards police, leading to cop killing they lose all credibility, have nothing Godly to them. If they were a white group I would still not approve of them, want them disbanded pronto.

    • Black Lives Matter is not an official organization like the KKK. The so-called founder/leader is not recognized by the black community and black lives matter supporters are not just black people. People of all races are involved in a movement created from a response of injustice toward black people. It’s mission is to dismantle white supremacy and replace it with a new system called justice. The KKK is strictly white people who seek the annihilation of black people. Thank you for your comment.

      • Official or not, unless they have a substantial plan for the entire system to be overhauled for the benefit of all, and as long as they chant for the death of cops, pigs in blanket, they have no credibility, no matter what colors they are made up of. I stand by that. I do believe the system and society has to shift, to a true free market, innovative economy, true free enterprise, have solid family structure, morals and give everyone a better life.

  2. Not being “organized” and having a multi-color following doesn’t make it righteous, doesn’t make it Christ-like. It appears to me as a resurrection of the “Occupy” movement. We will always have activists with us looking for a cause to enflame. As to a war on Blacks in America, a small number of people who are against Blacks a war by America does not make. It is like with Muslims: not all are Jihadi Christian-killing terrorists. As with Law Enforcement Officers, not all are Mark Fuhrman. As for “white supremacists” infiltrating the church, are those the same churches that do not speak up for G-d’s endorsement of one man, one woman, in marriage, that do not cry out against slaughter of babies, that have women ordained in their churches? Or perhaps white supremists only infiltrate churches that do stand against homosexuality and abortion and rise through the ranks deceiving Christians with their polluted hearts. What I do know is that the People of G-d need to unite with one another before a Just and Holy G-d, stand apart from the world, and pray for G-d’s mercy upon us all. The Last Days are at hand. How we greet them makes all the difference. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine upon all those who love the Lord, our Savior, our G-d.

    • The civil rights movement gave African Americans the right to vote, the right to equal treatment, and the right to speak out. 100 years later black people are still not being treated equally. The Civil Rights movement helped in part, but we are far from having equality and people like Tim Wise, Jane Elliot and others are working hard to dismantle white supremacy. Black Lives Matter was created by a white person, similar to the NAACP for the betterment of all people. Unfortunately, those who call themselves Christians fight them. On the one hand they talk about love, but there is no physical action of love in their hearts and God calls Christians to love all people, including those who would be considered enemies.

  3. Your website says white pastors in general are not compassionate towards the deaths of those people, but only one name was mentioned. Is there evidence of white pastors in general not being compassionate? I have not put time into researching this because there’s no evidence in the post to make me.

    • The fruit is in the current condition of the church. The answer is in why are people leaving the church? What is the number one thing you hear about why people don’t attend? Why is the church separated by race? Ask an interracial couple how they feel inside the church. These answers that you can answer, will begin to disclose for you an answer that does not require research. Your experience reveals the results of the work of 70.6% of the nation who are classified as Christian. White Pastors set the tone for our nation as they make up the majority in the US. There is a clear division that any church goer can see and when problems consist we must consult the leader.

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