Vigilant Christian: You Got This One Wrong -Cops are NOT The Biggest Threat to Black Lives … Other Black People are?!?!?

It is unfortunate that in this society black people who are Christians have five fronts to watch. This video done by the vigilant christian pushes the white supremacist narrative (illuminati) that he claims to be against. He aligns himself here with the likes of Mark Dice and a plethora of other so-called Christian youtubers. Now, its no secret that Mark Dice does not know Jesus and while I believe the vigilant christian does, he has fallen for the propaganda he’s been fed as a youth.

God is in control over everything that happens, not the illuminati. God will also get all the glory when he destroys his own creation for not following him and not Satan. Yes! Satan hates us and wants to rule the world, but he is God’s puppet. Remember, Satan must go to Jesus before he can do anything on this earth.

This video separates black and white Christians further by pushing a false narrative of the plight of black people in the United States. Furthermore, as a white person he has no business telling the rape victim who’s suffering, that he doesn’t know who victimized him. If Christianity is going to stand it cannot be divided by race. White Christians need to stop lying about racism, white privilege, and white supremacy. As victim of white supremacy and having been privy to traveling the world and visiting churches all over this country, even the vigilant christians, as I have also been to Canada. I can tell you white supremacy is a global issue.

It makes no sense for their to be more love from outsiders, then those in the white Christian church who claim to be connected by the same blood through Jesus Christ. White Christians are making Christians all over the world look bad. Take care of the Christian KKK and call them out. Stop making videos about victims. Work on loving people and maybe the world might see Jesus instead of all the hypocrisy its currently witnessing in the church.


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