Behind the Veil

red-lips-and-rock-n-roll-a-vintage-glam-wedding-at-one-of-melbournes-oldest-pubs-971-intThere is a certain intimacy that takes place behind the veil. There are certain pleasures that are accessed behind the veil. There is a higher level of relationship that may be accessed behind the veil. The veil is a covering. It protects and shields against unauthorized access.

To get behind the veil you must be invited. To get behind the veil you must have a special relationship that gives you a pass to lift the veil. There is something romantic and mysterious around the woman who walks down the aisle with the veil and when the man of God gives the command to kiss the bride, access is given to the lips in the company of many spectators.

God has a veil and has invited people through His Son Jesus to access him. It is through the blood that was shed on the cross that gave mankind the ability and privilege to access God behind the veil. It is here where power is granted and gifts are maximized. Behind the veil of God mystery’s are unveiled. It is here where the believer in Jesus Christ has the privilege of sight.

Those outside of a relationship with Jesus cannot see, they are blinded by the veil. Many try to access God without a relationship with his Son and they fail to see that their sin forbids it. Once they repent and believe the gospel and begin to eat the fruits (Bible) that God has given, they are given access behind the veil.

It is important to note that while their is a veil for salvation, its true that God has many veils. Each veil hidden and accessed through a deeper and deeper relationship with him. The disciples had a different level of intimacy with God based upon their love and passion for him.

How far will you go behind the veil is up to you. Joshua said, choose this day whom you will serve. You’re depth is a choice. Understand this: The deeper you go in Jesus, the less and less people will understand you. You will begin to have more and more of the mind of Christ and remember his ways are not our ways, but you will begin to know them intimately. Remember, the multitudes knew nothing of Jesus, some of the 12 knew more, 3 of the disciples went even deeper and God separated them from the rest of the 12 and Paul went deeper still that God had to hinder him.

How deep behind the veils will you go?

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