Christopher Plaskon the Killer of Maren Sanchez Enraged Over Prom Denial Request

A jilted teen killed a 16-year-old girl in a Connecticut high school on Friday after she refused to go to prom with him, friends and witnesses said.

The violence erupted after Chris Plaskon, also 16, shoved Maren Sanchez, down the stairs and tried to choke her inside Jonathan Law High School in Milford about 7:15 a.m., friends told the Daily News.

The boy – using a kitchen knife he brought from home – then stabbed Sanchez in the neck, witnesses and cops said.

“She was screaming,” one friend, who was inside the building at the time of the attack, told The News. “There were students in the hallway when it happened. The kids who saw it are all a wreck.”

Emergency workers found the bleeding teen, a junior, in the stairwell and rushed her to Bridgeport Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

This is the result of children being raised in godless system. The California law requires that the state’s middle and high schools offer instruction to students on how to have safe homosexual sex and how to get an abortion. It also requires schools to teach that gender does not correspond to biological sex.

Instead of teaching children how to love one another schools are spending time teaching all kinds of different sex, which teaches children that natural boundaries are only restrictions to be broken. This child could not handle rejection because he was taught that boundaries only hinder progress.

Her body should belong to him simply because he desired it. Same with sex that does not produce children. I desire it and should be taught how to do it, but is this constructive behavior. No! All statistical data teaches that children raised in single parent homes and same sex relationships fill the jails.

Christian: Get your children out of these schools and give them a fighting chance to be holy, saved and set free. You don’t need your little girl being raped and/or killed because children are being taught that natural boundaries don’t exist.



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