Question To All Pastors: The Race Issue

There is a system called white supremacy. It is the supreme religion in the world right now. It is run by Satan himself. He is seated in the Hollywood Hills to preach his demonic message to the masses. He preaches through the internet, television, music, video games,  and movies. All forms of communication where people gather for mass implementation. For example, the Tarazan movie just came out. What was the message? Worship the white man, keep blacks enslaved by our godlike power. Now to the average watcher this message bypasses the conscious and enters the subconscious and white people around the world systematically carry out the message.

Today, the most segregated day of the week is Sunday. So called Christians united by the blood of Jesus go to separate churches. You have your contemporary (white church) and your gospel (black church) and supposedly they both serve the same god. The KKK is a Christian organization. So, until the religion of white supremacy is replaced with a just system (Christianity is just) it will continue.

Black people are economically impoverished on purpose. Think tanks are designed to keep them in poverty. States, Counties, and cities are designed. They don’t happen in vacuums. You hear about black on black crime, but you never hear about their poverty and why they are poor. The masses are taught to deal with the branches, while the root (white supremacy) remains in-place to kill, maim, hurt, and hinder black progress.

My question to ALL Pastors is this: What are you and your church specifically doing to edify all people and not just those who look like you?

Answers I don’t want to hear. Don’t tell me everyone is welcome in your church. Most Christian churches in America will take tithes and offerings from anyone and let you sit in the pew.

Don’t tell me you invited a black guy to speak at your church. Unless that black guy is there to answer succinctly the question posed.

Don’t’ tell me you have black people in your choir. That is just plain insulting.

Answer please

One response to “Question To All Pastors: The Race Issue

  1. I love our church because we do ask these questions as a congregation, and when you look at our demographic, it is very mixed.

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