The KKK Has Infiltrated U.S. Police Departments for Decades

white supremacistIn 1991, a neo-Nazi white supremacist gang was terrorizing the streets of Lynwood in Los Angeles County. The reason these violent thugs could run amok was because they were deputies at the Lynwood Sheriff’s station, having the power of blue privilege.

A federal judge acknowledged that the gang of deputies carried out “systematic acts of shooting, killing, brutality, terrorism, house-trashing and other acts of lawlessness and wanton abuse of power.”

These maniacs were not the sudden appearance of a unique group of individuals among law enforcement, but the progeny of a decades-long effort by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to infiltrate police departments wherever possible.

Larissa Moore and four of her law school colleagues performed an investigation of unsolved civil rights murders from 1946 to 1969, under a Syracuse University program, and confirmed an ugly truth.

During the Civil Rights movement, one of the KKK’s first orders was to infiltrate police departments, “because the laws don’t apply to them if they are the law,” according to Moore.

This echoes an FBI statement in 2006 that white supremacist groups “have historically engaged in strategic efforts to infiltrate and recruit from law enforcement communities.” The federal agency’s concern seems to be selfish, though, as it stated that the hate group’s actions cause “investigative breaches and can jeopardize the safety of law enforcement sources and personnel.” Click here to read more.

In the system of white supremacy black people must recognize their enslavement and act with wisdom. White supremacist control the narrative and the media message to the masses. Most white people and black people are already super exposed to believe a false narrative. Think about your thoughts about the white Jesus, thoughts about black people in general and look at the actions of white Christian pastors. I noticed Franklin Graham did not mention anything about these police shootings, black mega pastors are not tweeting anything about it, but will ask for prayer & tangentially support other struggles like the 50 gays who were killed by a gay person. 123 black people have been shot and killed by cops so far in 2016. Notice gays and feminist are not coming out. The NRA isn’t saying anything. Black people must learn that they are alone. These other groups seek to use and abuse you. Wake up. Interracial pornography is not helping you either. It is time to become one in vision. Mark the black white supremacist and distance yourself.

We do not have the convenience of playing games, but must spend multiple hours being constructive. Whatever you do should be constructive. Work. Don’t be a busy body and don’t listen to demons. Listen to the Word of God. God will always lead you into ALL TRUTH.


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