The White Supremacist Tactic Of Temporary Denying Whiteness

One of the most effective tools of maintaining a global system of white supremacy is deception. In the early stages of racism, the white supremacists went out of their way to be as open as possible about their racist views and policies. Consequently, they realized that having an overt system of oppression will create overt opposition to that system.

So the system of white supremacy had to go through a refinement stage. And part of the new refined form of white supremacy is denial. The most common tactic used today by the white supremacist, and the racist suspects, is to deny the existence of systematic white supremacy, no matter how much evidence is presented to prove it’s existence.

When evidence of systematic white supremacy is presented to the point beyond denial, the white supremacists will employ one of two tactics;

  1. They will deflect and change the subject ( such as the common “what about Black on Black crime” deflection)
  2. They will temporary deny a person’s whiteness, or even their own.

If a person classified as white commits a heinous crime or racist act, the white supremacists will focus on the person’s ethnic group or religion as a way to temporary deny the person’s whiteness.

When the white supremacist career criminal George Zimmerman murdered an innocent unarmed Black child in Florida, most white supremacist supporters of Zimmerman tried in vain to point out that he was hispanic and not white. Yet no hispanic groups ever supported Zimmerman. But several suspected (and open) white supremacists group supported him. Because he was one of them.

When white supremacist basketball team owner Donald Sterling made a series of  racist, anti-Black remarks in a secret recording, the white supremacists denied his whiteness by claiming Sterling was a jew and not white. Yet in America (and Europe) most of the people who practice the jewish religion are self-identified and classified as white.

In 2013 when two white men, brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon, people tried to claim that they were not white but were muslims. Even though these men immigrated  from the North Caucasus region of Europe. Click here to read more.

God left the Christian on the planet to be salt and light. To contend for the faith delivered to the Saints and to make a difference. To expose the deeds of darkness and offer solutions for a better way. A Christian is to never be stagnate or satisfied with not bearing good fruit or that person will have a fearful judgment as God casts unprofitable servants into the lakes of fire.

You know God is not backing the religion of white supremacy and you know why God is not taking the Christian from the planet. He wants us to be salt and light.


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