Baby Pastors Want Power In Your Church? Not That Demonic Kundalini spirit

The application of having power in the church is real easy. The difficult part is trusting in God and not your flock. If you fear your flock more than you fear God it means your relationship with Jesus is not tight and unfortunately you shouldn’t be pastoring at all. However, if you have already done this and there is no turning back and you do not want to enter hell for not protecting the sheep which God gave you responsibility to over.  – Ephesians 4:11 Then you must do this for power.

  1. BE A MAN. If women are leading in your church you will not have God’s power. What you will have is an evil spirit of religion and jezebel. They will be running your church at not God. Most of your congregation will go to hell. What did God do to the people of Israel who thought it was better to do it their way? He killed them. Same God that killed them is still killing thousands today. Who do you think is behind all these diseases. You might have been misled to believe it was the illuminati. Well, God controls everything, this includes disease.
  2. SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM QUASI-CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE NO SPIRITUAL POWER. God told Abraham before he blessed him to get away from his family. When Moses walked away from his family then the fiery bush appeared. God is not showing up and giving you power in the midst of other people. Secondly, faithless people can easily be used by Satan to discourage you. They love statements like this “we’re not under the law anymore” or “it doesn’t take all that.” All you have to do is look at their life. Is their advice working for them? Are they operating in spiritual gifts? Exactly. Get away from them.
  3. BELIEVE THE BIBLE WITHOUT A FILTER. There are hard things in the Scriptures, but without faith you cannot please God. If you can’t please God do you really believe he is giving you his power? No. So it is really important that you believe God. “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;” – Mark 16:17 As a pastor you should be speaking in tongues. It makes no sense to be God’s leader without this gift. I am not saying every member of your church is required to speak in tongues, but as God’s leader you should. Everyone of God’s leaders spoke in tongues after Pentecost. Please do not misunderstand me. Tongues does not equal salvation, however if you are going to have spiritual power, this gift is mandatory. How do you get the gifts believe. What if I struggle in faith. Read the book of Mark over and over and over and over and over and over until your demon of doubt, deception, and confusion flees and God will rush in and give it and others.

I have more, but this is going to be enough for now. Here is a spiritual prayer for those who are quick learners. Also, if you have not done the 1st one don’t bother with 2 and 3.

Heavenly Father, I disconnect myself from sin. I disconnect myself from the evil spirit of religion. I disconnect myself from the evil spirit of pride. I disconnect myself from the evil spirit of judgment and condemnation. I now connect myself to Jesus Christ. I connect to my wife and children. I connect myself to fulfilling the mission Jesus has for me. I connect myself to loving God and others. I connect to the vision God is placing on the inside of me. I connect to the Lord’s  power. I see myself being nourished by the true vine as I abide in him. His thoughts are now my own. His mind is now my own. I have no thoughts but Jesus thoughts living and moving and breathing in me. I am being filled now by His power and my tongue has been loosed to magnify the Lord.  In Jesus name.


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