The Legend of Tarzan – Attacks Black Female Beauty, Pushes Slave Narrative, & uplifts the White Male Jesus worship. – Its sinister.

I decided to write a quick post on how I came to my conclusion concerning this movie and the title I chose. Real quick: For starters there is a direct line equating apes with the “Negress (black female)” yes they use the word “Negress” and how the white woman is so much prettier, better, than the black woman. Margie Robbie is fine, but that is not the point, she can shine without the need for putting down black women.

The black people in the movie worship Tarzan who is clearly known to control all things. They dedicate a song for him. This white man with long flowing hair similar to the white Jesus is the object of all these black African’s worship.

And of course, another slave movie with a singular perspective. The white man goes to Africa and enslaves workers. Uses them as black gold and needs a white man Jesus to rescue them. Samuel L. Jackson in the movie lies about the Civil War  by making statements that he as a black man is responsible for it. Really? No you were a slave.

If you are a ignorant suspected white supremacist you missed this, but your subconscious did not. If you are an ignorant black person you missed this, but your subconscious did not. This is mind control for white supremacy.


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