Time To Do Better: Yet another white lady in jeopardy: “The Shallows” and Hollywood’s empathy gap

blake livelyHow many brown people have to die so that Blake Lively can live?

That question is explored in “The Shallows,” the new carnivorous shark B-movie from schlock maestro Jaume Collet-Serra (“Orphan”) that’s like “Open Water” with more posterior shots. Collet-Serra so favors Ms. Lively’s backside that he appears to be moonlighting as her proctologist. In “The Shallows,” the former “Gossip Girl” starlet dons a skimpy bikini to catch some waves in Mexico, where she quickly discovers that there’s trouble in these waters. A shark attacks her, severely injuring her leg. Resourceful protagonist Nancy (a medical student, of course) makes a suture out of her earring while she takes shelter on a rock and waits for rescue.

But while the film is elevated by its director’s skill and a surprisingly strong physical performance from Lively, “The Shallows” is yet another in a string of movies that amount to white survival porn—in which the trials of Caucasian tourists are treated as more important than the suffering of the people of color around them. Click here to read more.

It is these messages that need to be highlighted that promote white supremacy. Jesse Williams spoke about changing the structure, but everyone knows that requires awareness first. Let’s keep our eyes open to the real messages portrayed in massive media projects and how they promote racism and superiority of one race over another.

Time to put depth on your ability to screen messages preached from the big screen. What is the pastor (director) trying to get you to believe and where is he trying to take your heart? Is the message one of love for all people or hate and elevation of another? Watch everything critically.

You may ask why this is important on a Christian blog and I would answer this way. Everything matters to God, so it matters to me. Every idol word will be judged and so I too must be discerning.


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