‘I have this weird addiction’: Nebraska pervert arrested for hiding under car and ‘touching woman’s foot’ as she got in

35B7ED2600000578-3661952-image-m-35_1467025722734A pervert has been arrested for hiding under a woman’s car and allegedly groping her foot to satisfy his ‘weird addiction.’ Jesse Johnson, 20, allegedly grabbed the woman’s ankle as she got into her car outside an Aldi store in Lincoln, Nebraska. The 48-year-old screamed and saw a man roll out from under the vehicle before he ran off.

Police arrested Johnson but he denied touching the woman, saying: ‘I was hiding under the vehicle simply for the visual.’ ‘I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior,’ he told the Lincoln Journal Star. ‘I don’t know why.’

This is the third time he has been accused of hiding under cars and touching women. Click here to read more.

What is the answer? It is always Jesus. It is unfortunate that so many Christian churches are not the hospitals they should be. They speak about the power of God, but seldom is it ever demonstrated. They have their deliberations on the nuances of Scripture, but I am not seeing their power. This is classic demonic behavior. He needs deliverance from a multiplicity of demons within him and brought to the cross of Jesus Christ, otherwise his behavior will never cease.

You cessation churches need to wake up. No time for your faithlessness. We are at critical mass and need everyone on the Christian helm with POWER!

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