Conversation With The Demon Called Schizophrenia

For those who suffer with and/or know someone who has Schizophrenia it is important that you know, as I am sure you do already, that no cure exists. Not one cure has been identified. Millions of dollars spent and not one cure has been found. Could it be that the neurological manifestation is not simply a chemical imbalance, but an imbalance caused by someone specifically designed to make your life a living hell while on earth.

I just happen to know a man that specializes in deliverance from hell and his name is Jesus. Now God promises his children a sound mind. A mind filled with peace and tranquility. A mind that is aware of his/her enemies and able to navigate in this life according to the will of God. He promises healing to those who ask and deliverance to those who seek his face. Those who have done this are on youtube now talking about their deliverance from Schizophrenia (Look it up).

Now for those who believe that demons are not responsible for this, go back to your useless methods and suffer in silence. Those who are unsure and/or even skeptical understand this. Is God a liar? If you believe he is, then leave this page and return to your useless methods and suffer in silence. For those who believe God does not lie, then you have come to the right place.

Here is what the demon of Schizophrenia told me. For the majority of his victims  he is an evil spirit of familiarity. He leaves one generation of people and moves to the next. He passes through the blood. Once securely fastened he is awakened by some traumatic event. This allows him to secure a home inside his victim for continued torment until death. The victim lives with this evil spirit so long, it literally becomes a comfort for that person.

I remember casting the demon of Schizophrenia out of someone and they explained to me that it felt like they were losing a part of their self. No different than stockholm syndrome. Of course, this demon brings them torment, but they still want to keep it. Now this is important for that persons deliverance. If the person has fallen in love with the evil spirit, you can successful cast it out, but it will return and some will accept it back, as it brings them something familiar. This will cause their situation to be worse, as Satan will send more demons to strengthen their hold.

These demons speak to them all the time, giving them feelings, and convincing them to believe all sorts of things that make no sense. These people are all over twitter and some can be dangerous, particularly for women. This evil spirit really hates women.

Interjection: This is from my own mind. I believe many if not all of the people with Schizophrenia have powerful callings on their lives, but because of their own disobedience and refusal to submit to God they are paying for it big time.

Now some of the anchors for this demon of Schizophrenia are all rooted in sin, but the sin I see mostly is not honoring their parents, laziness, and idolatry. The demon thrives in sinful environments. So what is the answer?

Like with everyone, we all have decisions to make. No one asks for this demon and I don’t know for sure why one bloodline is more susceptible than others, if I had to guess, it is probably some blood covenant made by someones great grandfather or mother, but nevertheless we have to all deal with the cards we have been dealt. If this is your deck. Here are some steps you can take for freedom. In order and by faith. Otherwise your waisting your time.

  1. Acknowledge your sin before God and repent. Pray to the Father in Jesus name. Let him know you have forgiven others and ask for his forgiveness.
  2. Acknowledge the demon. Tell Schizophrenia his time is up and that he has been discovered. Declare war on him. Tell him that his rule is up and that your blood is being cleansed by Jesus as you speak.
  3. Prepare for his attack. Demons don’t leave without a fight. He will fight you. Yes! God will give you the victory, but you will have to fight. God gave Samson, David, Gideon, Nehemiah the victory, but they had to fight. You fight in prayer coupled with obedience to Gods word.
  4. Acknowledge the power of God filling you. Acknowledge the Holy Spirit expanding on the inside of you and covering from the inside out your entire being. Ask Jesus to replace the darkness within with his light. My whole frame is being filled by God and out of my mouth are pouring rivers of living water. Don’t be alarmed if you’re seeing a vision while reading these words. Keep pressing.
  5. Read the BIBLE daily out loud. It is the only way for you to receive God’s wisdom for life. This is a crucial step. Demons hate hearing God’s word when read in faith. Read multiple chapters of Scripture everyday. A chapter when you wake up and  before you sleep. This is how you strength train in the Spirit.

Watch out for the deceivers who come wanting to help, but do not come in the name of Jesus Christ. Satan does not want you free and will use any means necessary to keep you bound.

2 responses to “Conversation With The Demon Called Schizophrenia

  1. This is very good and helpful to all. Thank you for sharing the truth about demons and the greater truth that Jesus is greater and the answer to every problem!

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