Woman Refused To Have Man’s Children Enrages Him And He Kills Her

A woman was stabbed in the neck around 12:30 p.m. on a southbound train in the 200-block of West 47th Street, Chicago police said. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not yet released her name.

Red Line passengers say the suspect asked the woman sitting across from him a question about having children.

“He asked the young lady a question, she said no, and he got up and started stabbing her,” Andrea Patterson, a witness, said. “She fell toward the floor and he slit her neck.”

Witnesses say everybody ran for cover and called police. A couple of male passengers tried to help the victim, but the offender still had a knife. He eventually ran off the train and on to the platform where police were waiting for him.

First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said the stabbing was not random, the victim and suspect apparently knew each other and the incident was “domestic in nature.” He said witnesses who saw them arguing before the stabbing heard them talking about a child. Click here to read more.

Keep blaming mental illness and Satan laughs. He knows that man’s problems cannot be solved by a pill, but city repentance. People need to turn to God and he will heal. If not, watch these things increase. Keep in mind. This is known criminal activity, what about the stories not published?

Jesus is the ONLY answer. Keep playing with Satan and spinning tires and women will continue losing their blood on the streets.


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