Lesbian Couple Convicted Of Murdering 2-Year-Old Son, Abusing Other Children

lesbian couple
A lesbian couple in Fife, Scotland has been found guilty for the brutal murder of a young son Liam and the violent torture of two other children in their care.

Liam’s body was discovered in the home of his mother Nyomi Fee and her civil partner, Rachel this past March. Clear physical evidence showed that the two-year-old had sustained prolonged abuse with officials finding over thirty injuries to his body.

When police originally found Liam, Rachel and Nyomi claimed that another child in their care had murdered him. The pair had convinced the seven-year-old boy that he’d strangled Liam, going as far as to force his hand inside the dead child’s mouth to fake evidence.

The couple presented the argument in front of a court, but interviews conducted with the boy by police showed that there was no way he could have committed the crime.

DI Rory Hamilton of Police Scotland’s major investigation team east said: “During joint interviews with specially trained detectives and officials from Fife council, the evidence began to build towards a picture of horrendous abuse which directly contributed to the version of events being put forward by the two accused being utterly discredited.”

As it turned out, he had also been a victim of abuse, along with another young boy. The boys were allegedly tied up inside of cages and bound to chairs in locked rooms with caged rats and snakes. They were also routinely subjected to long cold showers and forced to eat dog defecate.

These women hated children and used them as vehicles to execute their own demonic plans. They had no remorse as these demonically filled individuals sought to lie about the actions they committed.

More than ever the Christian must be vigilant in prayer and seek the Lord Jesus Christ in all they do. There is wickedness to low that Satan will not drive man and now that the governor has been taken off, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Murder and blood will run into the streets and people will smooth it over with a medical diagnosis, instead of admitting this is sin unchecked. Sins wage is always death.

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