Brief: Anatomy of Relationship Issues

It has occurred to me that the preponderance of evidence found upon the electronic spreadsheet called twitter is that most people have little knowledge concerning why relationships fail. There are those who would offer that it is in the primal state of man, being no better than beast to conqueror the female and fill his harem, like a male lion, but if that were true, it leaves little answer to the race problem, along with the fact that at least 35% of marriages seemed to succeed. So what of the 15% who stay married and live unhappy, unproductive, suffering lives, and the other 50% who divorce and leap from mate to mate? Some scientist would posit it is within the chemical makeup of a person that makes them cheaters and non-cheaters. Chemicals playing a huge role in whether a relationship succeeds or not.

Is it possible that the chemicals and animalistic likeness be symptoms of a deeper more sinister plot behind the curtain, where those with supernatural gifts are the only ones capable of seeing? Jesus healed the sick according to the Scriptures, using various methods, some including substances and others with a word. How did Jesus heal? The people he healed had physical symptoms that could be measured, the chemical signature was written on the brain, but he was able to rewrite the signature. How? Could it be that someone wrote the first signature? Have you ever noticed that when God cast out demons that the person was healed? Statements like “the fever left her.” Who left? Was it an evil spirit of fever?

God gave his disciples power to heal the sick and cast out demons. He said, people in our generation would do greater works than these. The problem is that the people in control don’t want people healed. There is a direct dollar amount connected to sickness. Why do we sell cigarettes? Why do we sell alcohol? Why is partying promoting and elevated by musicians? Is it because they care about you having a good time or is it because you are the slaves that provide their lavish lifestyles? Sickness is a multi-billion dollar industry. Do you know why the Pharisees had a problem with Jesus? It was not because he said, he was God, it was because he was demonstrating with power that he was God by healing the sick and casting out demons, which resulted in their net worth sinking. Can you imagine if people in the US really turned to God and believed his Word. Sickness (demons) would have to flee. There would be no sin license for them to remain, but it would also change the entire economical system. People would have to find new ways to make money. So the world’s solution is to medicate or patch, but never tell you the truth. The people at the highest levels know the truth about God (Jesus). What Satan has done is to deceive them, like he did the third of the angels into thinking they can beat God when he returns.

The world’s system that you cling to is lying to you about who you are. You are gods created in God’s image. Separate from a mere animal. You have a living soul that has the ability to commune with God on a supernatural level. Your blindness inhabits your ability to receive healing. Jesus was unable to heal the people in his home town and the Bible records it was because of their lack of faith. They were too close to his humanity to see his divinity, so they missed out, when others received a healing.

Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that you don’t miss out on what God can do in your relationships and in your mind. God has no limit to his power and there is no situation out of his reach, but if you don’t believe, you WILL NEVER RECEIVE. I have cast out the demon of Schizophrenia, Autism, and ADD. I have come to learn that the manifestation that science can measure is done through the evil spirit. This is why every mind issue has never been healed but managed. All of our technology fails to deliver, because all man can do is use alchemy (modern day potions) to satisfy the evil spirit, until he grows angry again and you require another dose. You’re not free like the Bible says you can be. You’re bound inside a treacherous cycle.

No different than a witch doctor who seduces his clients to keep coming after supposedly healing a disease. Trapped in a demonically dying system.

The first step to freedom is surrendering your will to Jesus and following his commands, then pray for God’s healing. This evil spirit will fight you. It is alive. Don’t think that the evil spirit is just going to sit back and let you free without a fight, no you will have to fight. Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold of God and you can be set free. The Most IMPORTANT THING IS TO BELIEVE.

Believe you can be free in Jesus name. Say I believe I can be free in Jesus name. Devils only recognize faith, so simply saying it is not enough, you MUST BELIEVE IT.


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