Kevin Loibl the Killer of Christina Grimmie Enraged Over Her Having A Boyfriend

Kevin James Loibl, the 27-year-old man who fatally shot 22-year-old Christina Grimmie “The Voice” singer  in the head in Orlando, Florida, last Friday, reportedly boasted to his co-workers that the singer would one day be his wife but got angry after he discovered she had a boyfriend.

A number of Loibl’s colleagues at Best Buy told TMZ that he was so infatuated with the singer, he got hair transplants, Lasik eye surgery and even became a vegan to lose weight to improve his odds of starting a relationship with the singer, vowing even that he would one day make her his wife. He would also frequently listen to her music at work.

Loibl’s colleagues say the gunman also claimed to have met with the singer at one of her shows he attended in March but a source close to the singer said it never happened.

This sounds like a case of schizophrenia (demonic possession) fueled by white male privilege. You don’t kill someone that you are in love with, even if that person is with someone else. Lusting after someone else is a different story. Lust is sin and when its wage is full it always leads to death.

When you hear the gospel of truth and then side with the world you are playing with dangerous ground. God is very clear in his word. Listen: Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you (2 Corinthians 6:17). What would be the opposite of this? He will not welcome those who remain hand in hand with unbelievers and touch their filthiness.

Be vigilant in this hour. Things are happening quick. Learn from others and put your entire trust in the Lord coupled with obedience to his Word.


8 responses to “Kevin Loibl the Killer of Christina Grimmie Enraged Over Her Having A Boyfriend

  1. White male privilege? More like stocker..

    • Take a look at Jane Elliot’s work on the white male psychosis. In order for you to understand my blog post, you must first understand events prior to the US and also understand slavery and then move to the media today that is owned by white males who feed the masses whatsoever they desire.

      Then you must also understand that this is not an isolated event. 1 and 5 women are raped in the US according to many statistics. The idea that white men owning blacks and white women is not new. What is new is the fact that it appears to many white males that they are losing control and it frustrates them. Some of them not strong enough to handle it (check out Jane Elliot) will act violent toward women that God ordained for them to love.

      Do you recall Elliot Rodgers? He had money and still was so-called bested by a non-rich black boy for the affection of a beautiful blonde girl.

      Anyway, this will continue while lies are being promoted over truth. Only the truth can set people free.

      • Okay if you seem to be using someone’s race as an explanation for a particular behavior, and I find it extremely racist. If a black male killed this women no one would dare to say it was because of its race. If you were attempting use one murder of a women to describe that all white men have this behavior then you’re extremely sexist. He didn’t kill her because he was a white male, and it doesn’t start off during slavery in his ansestors he killed her because he was a complete psychopath. White, black, alien life form or purple you can NOT condense a particular behavior with a group, or stereotype. All lives matter. We’re all equal and that doesn’t mean you can treat white males badly just because of slavery. Also, the media is run by psycho liberals, so if white males were the ones controlling it, why is everything a racial dispute, because most everything in the media is suppose to make white pepole look bad. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot.

      • I really appreciated your comment and I hear your concern. It is unfortunate, that we have to live in a society that measures a persons character by the color of their skin. It is a reality we live in. Are you familiar with the rhetoric concerning the near death of a black child by the hands of a gorilla and the story of the white child who was eaten by an alligator? Did you notice how the public responded to both events? Ridicule for the black parents and sympathy for the white parents. They even researched the criminal record and publicized it for the black parents for the death of a gorilla. To the majority public, black lives don’t matter. This is the 21st Century and still two different color children received different treatment and this had little to do with the media. What do you say to this? What type of mentality must a person have to set up a fund for a gorilla and ridicule a black family who could have lost a son?

        The pathology of this young man has not been fashioned by all lives, but white lies. Race would not even exist without the white man designing the forms to place people in categories that we still see today. Today, every application in America has RACE on it. Can you tell me why? It is not enough to say all lives matter, when the reality is shouting black lives don’t matter.

        Every white person is not a white supremacist, but unfortunately every person within America because of our churches and school system has white supremacist views that have been imbedded. Type in google “GOD” and what image shows up for GOD? Type in google “beautiful woman” and what image do you see. The problem is systematic. Please take a look at Jane Elliot and listen to Tim Wise.

        Elliot Rodgers, Tanner Flores, and Kevin Loibl all had the same thing in common. They wanted someone they were unable to have and because they felt so ENTITLED they used death. What system is in place to make them feel so entitled to kill, not for someone cheating on them, but because they can’t have the woman they believe they should. This system is white supremacy.

        Finally, concerning your comment about shooting ones foot. As you know the internet is changing the playing field. The information in ones mind is harder to control as people can now get information at ones finger tips, outside the classroom.

  2. schizophrenia isnt demonic possession. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder whereas a demonic possession is not. A demonic possession cannot be treated with medication and people with it have a lot harder of a time finding help as the Catholic Church does not do exorcisms anymore now atheists and liberals are becoming more popular and are saying demons don’t exist.

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