Tanner Flores Admits Killing white girl who broke up with him

A teenager accused of killing a woman who had reportedly recently broken up with him admitted to investigators that he shot the 18-year-old and dumped her body nearly 300 miles away, according to CBS Denver.


Ashley Doolittle

According to an arrest affidavit, Tanner Flores, 18, told Mesa County investigators he shot Ashley Doolittle twice in the head near Carter Lake, about 50 miles north of Denver, “because he is angry with her.”

He then drove to his late grandfather’s ranch in Collbran, in western Colorado’s Mesa County, where he said he “cleans her up before returning her to the truck.”

Flores was arrested for first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping last Friday and is now being held at the Mesa County Jail.

Doolittle, an accomplished horse rider and competitor who planned to attend Colorado State University this fall, was reported missing from Berthoud, Colo., north of Denver in Larimer County, by her mother on June 9 after the teen didn’t return home. CBS Denver reports that her mother said she found her daughter’s car unoccupied at Lon Hagler Reservoir in Loveland. She also told authorities her daughter had recently broken up with Flores. Click here to read more.

In this hour of massive confusion being pushed in every outlet possible, it is expected that the blow back is confusing actions toward breakups. When you promote white supremacy and white male privilege than a woman has no business breaking up with him without retribution. When you read the “White Man’s Bible” by Ben Klassen you find the rule that says you will “either demonstrate loyalty to the White Race by word, deed and action, or be branded a traitor to it. In our future, there will be no Mr. In-betweens. We will ruthlessly identify, pursue and prosecute racial traitors. We will hunt them down like mad dogs.”

Be careful out here as ideologies of ownership are prevalent with the white man. The answer to life’s problems will always be Jesus Christ.

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