100% Proof Actors Used in Orlando Shooting

cliffWhat is the purpose of sharing this news? Are people known for caring about others? We have locks on all of our front doors and our cars, locker rooms, and cell phones. Why? Because people are sinister and devilish. If the number of devilish people were few, then it would not warrant all this security. So, we have Satan who wants nothing better than see mankind sink further and further into non-constructive behavior. Sheep following a false god, while covering your eyes until you realize the people in front of you or walking off a cliff. Now, its already too late as the people behind you are pushing you forward.


One response to “100% Proof Actors Used in Orlando Shooting

  1. We no longer consent or agree with the manipulation of the enemy of the soul, to be pushed into their evil agenda for division, divide and conquer, hatred, cremated care, in fighting, chaos brought into their evil order, etc., when in Christ we are one chosen people: all races, both sexes, all ages, all peoples, all languages and tribes, baptized into one new creation in Christ, that looks diverse on the exterior but are all one in Christ on the inside! We submit only to our Father and God, the God of Jesus the Christ; we agree only with the Messiah sent for us, Christ in us and with us!

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