Black 12 year-old girl hung by 3 white boys at Live Oak Classical School?!? –


There was an incident that happened at Live Oak Classical School a independent classical and Christian day school with a college preparatory liberal arts curriculum program, where a 12 year old black girl was harmed with a rope around her neck while attached to a tree.

As a black girl in a predominantly white school she had been the victim of ridicule and bullying. Three white boys where at the center of this incident the school calls an accident. However, no attempt for medical attention was given and the day happens to coincide with the May 15th Centennial Anniversary, which was an apparent reference to the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Jesse Washington, 17, who was brutally beaten, hanged, and burned alive on July 15, 1916 after being convicted of the murder of Robinson resident Lucy Fryer.

For Live Oak to bury their head in the sand and chalk this incident up to ‘kids being kids’ is irresponsible but unfortunately all too common,” Click here to read more.

Racism in Christian schools is common. I went to a Christian school and was the only black for the first few grades and remembered a white girl who liked me and told me her father would kill her if she dated me. I was confused by this, because I thought the only difference that God sees is the blood of Jesus. Christian men marry Christian women and Unsaved people do whatever the devil tells them to do. I learned something a little that different that day. Now, I was never bullied and that experience did not slow me down, but I did learn that being a white Christian does not equal knowing God.

This is deplorable, but black people should wake up and understand there is a sinister breed of Christianity and that vigilance and discernment will be required. Don’t be deceived by the titles. We have Christian female pastors that you cannot find in Scripture. Metro pastors who call themselves Christian. Racist Pastors who call themselves Christian. You will know a Christian, when you read the Bible and learn what a Christian looks like. You cannot go on titles. People lie. Their father is the devil who has been lying from the beginning. Ask God to give you discernment and pray for God’s power to protect your children. Also, you may need to go to areas in the US where you may live in peace, if at all possible.

2 responses to “Black 12 year-old girl hung by 3 white boys at Live Oak Classical School?!? –

  1. This is so sad! I do agree and have seen people hide very nasty and unkind thoughts and opinions underneath a fake exterior. Will be praying for safety as well as enlightenment and change for those harboring unkindness and lack of respect for all humanity.
    With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

  2. WICKED and EVIL!! When people from either race stand before the Lord who have hated one for the color of their skin it will not go well for them. The Lord does not see color. He created man in his image, he doesn’t say anything about color. When I hear of any race harming someone due to the color of their skin it makes me sick to my stomach. How someone can hate someone due to the color of ones skin color makes no sense.

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