The Staircase of Deception

There are layers and levels to everything done under the sun. Deception is not exempt. The Bible tells us that the elect would be deceived, if it was not for the power of God protecting their minds. What Satan has done in the Garden of Eden has introduced a doubt that did not exist prior to sin. Once doubt is conceived and fully developed it produces death. What Americans are witnessing today is the decaying mind drenched in doubt and disbelief.

The simple things like the natural function of a man and woman is now being flooded with doubt and hidden within the secret pockets of our society is the pain of depression, sickness, disease, and death. More death and decay than is being revealed in media and this is to the benefit of Satan.

The average person takes sound bites of Scripture and bits and pieces here and there and now thinks that somehow they have an opinion worth hearing without taking any time to study or give serious thought to what they are actually reading. Opening wide their lips and uttering foolishness is Satan’s delight. This furthers his agenda and produces more doubt.

Doubt is the root of the insidious plan to deceive for once it is implanted it may be used as a hook to drag this person here, there, over there, and here, and they never come to the conclusion that they are not intellectual, but confused.

Satan is dragging the multitude down the staircase of deception and my petition is to the believer with ears to hear. Satan must be fought. You cannot ignore him. You will either wrestle with him or he will dominate you in deception. His weapons are plentiful, but they all start with doubt.

Don’t doubt that you are the head and not the tail. Don’t doubt that God will never leave or forsake you. Don’t doubt God is with you when you receive persecution, that is promised in the Bible. Don’t doubt when your prayer did not receive the answer you wanted. Don’t doubt that God’s way is the most efficient, successful, smart, and intelligent way.


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