Six-year-old handcuffed and several other children under age 11 arrested in Tennessee, sparking outrage

A group of African American elementary school children ages 6 to 10 were arrested at school, handcuffed, and hauled off to juvenile detention for not breaking up a fight off school property.

The incident outraged parents of Hobgood Elementary School and surprised many in the Murfreesboro neighborhood.

Police saw a video of an off campus fight between two children and showed up at the school. They handcuffed the students and drove them to the juvenile detention center, where they were charged with criminal responsibility of another.

Sources close to the case said the children who were arrested were not in the fight and were not the ones who recorded it.

The students were arrested, accused of not stopping a fight, and were later released from the juvenile center on Friday, said the Rev. James McCarroll, pastor of First Baptist Church on East Castle Street in Murfreesboro. The church hosted a community meeting Sunday afternoon about the incident. In addition to angry parents and supporters, Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr and City Manager Rob Lyons were in the crowd.

The system of white supremacy is becoming so malicious, they are now targeting innocent Melanoid babies. This is why Black people are going to have to get serious about combating this vicious system of racial injustice. Click here to read more.

The answer is to cry out to God. Walk in obedience and he will send deliverance. The people of Israel did not have the power to overcome their oppressors in the land of Egypt, but cried unto the Lord God and he heard them and sent a deliverer. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He helps those who call on his name. Call on the name of Jesus and walk in his way. Do not turn aside to evil and God will deliver.


2 responses to “Six-year-old handcuffed and several other children under age 11 arrested in Tennessee, sparking outrage

  1. Is it not evil for good people to do nothing? And you defend them, through the guise of “white supremacy?”

    • First of all there is no one good, but God. Besides this, show me the opposite case. Also, when is it ever a good thing to incarcerate a six year old?

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